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The Story Behind Stars On Earth



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   Stars On Earth


Taare Zameen Par when translated from Hindi to English means “Stars on Earth”.


“Like Stars on Earth: Every Child Is Special”.


This is the name of a multiple-award-winning Bollywood movie where 8-year-old Ishaan Awasthi was criticised by his parents for his poor academic performance and was sent away to a boarding school.



Ishaan who began missing his family felt depressed because the teachers at the boarding school were even more abusive than his previous school. Consequently, he started to feel that he genuinely was a failure and contemplates suicide, climbing up the fence on a terrace, where his friend Rajan Damodharan, a physically disabled boy who is one of the top students in the class intervened and saved him.


Ishaan Awasthi’s condition changed when Ram Shankar Nikumbh, a cheerful and optimistic art teacher, joined Tulips School for Young Children with Developmental Disabilities and replaced the previous teacher who was strict and abusive.


Mr. Ram quickly observes Ishaan’s unhappiness and apathetic participation in-class activities. He then reviews Ishaan’s work and concludes that his academic shortcomings are indicative of dyslexia, a condition suppressing his artistic capabilities.


When Mr. Ram; the art teacher eventually met with Ishaan’s father, Nandkishore Awasthi, a successful executive who out of frustration of his’s son’s poor academic performance has been rude and fond of cursing his Ishaan; he began to tell him about an olden tradition and beliefs of the people of the Solomon Islands.

In those islands, the indigenes don’t cut down a tree, instead, they surround the tree and curse it for hours every day for 30 days.

Within a few weeks, the tree dries up and dies.

Many of us might find it too difficult to believe.

You may be wondering how can intangible and invisible thoughts and words kill a tree!

Well, if you get to read Mark 11: 13, it tells of the story where Jesus Christ spotted a fig tree “in leaf” as he travelled from Bethany. At that point which was late spring, most fig trees haven’t developed mature fruit. But this particular tree drew Jesus’s attention because it already had a full covering of leaves. It’s an early bloomer. Its foliage signals that it should have early figs.

With that expectation, Jesus inspects the tree and was immediately disappointed because the fig tree was all leaves, no fruit. All expectation, no satisfaction.

In a shocking turn, Jesus curses the tree and makes it wither from the roots, never to yield fruit again and it came to pass.

If you also read Bruce H. Lipton’s book: THE BIOLOGY OF BELIEF, you won’t only believe in the story of the people of the Solomon Islands, but would always think a dozen times before saying something negative to yourself and the people you love.

In the book, Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D. tells in detail about the power of the conscious and subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind is a million times more powerful than the conscious mind and decides most of the things in our lives according to the beliefs it has been fed with.

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Many times we fail to change an unpleasant habit or condition despite our will-power and consistent efforts.

That’s because the habit or condition has been so strongly programmed in our subconscious mind that the efforts made by our conscious mind hardly make any difference again.

The Conscious Mind is just a shadow of our Unconscious Mind.

So, when the people of the Solomon Islands curse a tree, they are actually pouring out their negative and harmful energy into the tree…

And within months, those negative energies eventually change the molecular architecture of the tree and kill it from inside out.

About 3000 years ago, when King Solomon said, “be very careful about what you think. Your thoughts run your life.” —Proverbs 4:23 and Proverbs 18:21, “death and life are in the power of the tongue…” he was not just articulating a random spiritual or philosophical theory.

He was also telling a scientific fact that is now proved correct by Quantum Physics, Molecular Biology, and the Law of Attraction.

James the brother of Jesus also makes us understand that the tongue is a doorway of life for our body, soul, and spirit. Not only is it designed to feed our bodies, but it also has the power to nourish our soul and spirit. Read James 3: 9-11,

As parents, let us be conscious of the fact that what we speak can have beneficial or harmful effects on the life of our child(ren).

If you are a parent and you keep cursing your child in the name of constructive criticism, parenting, etc., knowingly or unknowingly to you, you are installing beliefs in their mind that may continue to harm them forever.

But if you continue to sincerely appreciate them, you are installing beliefs in their mind which will help their entire life.

Be also careful of what you keep saying to yourself.

Be also careful of what you say about your business, leaders, family, state, and country, etc.

REPETITION of WORDS and THOUGHTS is the best way to install a belief in your subconscious mind. This is called affirmation.

If you keep saying you are a loser, don’t be surprised if you become one within a few months or years.

And if you have friends who keep saying such things to you, there is no harm in saying a quick goodbye to them. I don’t joke with this, especially on social media.

Even if you value friendship a lot, you must value yourself a little more.

So accept all as they are… Love all unconditionally

And… always keep saying to yourself…

I am healthy, wealthy, happy, winning, successful & prosperous!

And if somebody asks you. How are you?

Say, I am fantastic, awesome. Say, the best time of my life is happening…



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1 Comment

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